&Walsh creates emojis for our transformed lives under COVID19

Hand wash, work from home, social distancing and economic recession — all get their own emojis

Humanity is caught in an unprecedented situation. We have seen pandemics before, but we haven’t seen a massive global lockdown with hyper-connected digital lives. The COVID19 lockdown is creating it’s own vocabulary. We are now ultra conscious of hygiene practices likes washing and sanitising hands. Objects like sanitisers, soaps, toilet rolls, and masks have resumed a role much larger than before. But the true definition of this period has been transition of our homes into work spaces and an impending global recession that is shutting down businesses and escalating unemployment.

Design studio &Walsh created hundreds of emojis as an expression of the times we live in. We need these emojis to express ourselves digitally in the new world order—where our populous, dense cities are deserted and internet is jammed with traffic. As a tribute to some of the best graphic designers of 21st century, &Walsh also created their emoji avatars (scroll to the end to see them).

Here are a few emojis by the design studio. You can download the entire collection from here.

New necessities: sanitisers, washing hands and masks


Saviours 2020
It’s more complicated — relationships in lockdown
Villains 2020
Work lives
First Quarter 2020
From left: Paula Scher, Gail Anderson, Susan kare




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