Relive Kyoorius Designyatra | Design is Dead. Long Live Design.

The world before the pandemic and after it are starkly different. The way we lived, the way we worked, it all changed. And with the advent of words like Image Generation Models and Artificial Intelligence becoming not just common, but usable by the masses, the world of design changed too. To understand and adapt to this new frontier, we returned with an online edition of Designyatra and brought the frontrunners in this field to speak about their process of creation and how it has changed. The virtual Designyatra took place on 15-16-17 March 2023. 

Design is Dead. Long Live Design. 

The old ways are gone. Buried under the new.

And every day they sink deeper under new layers.

The speed of this change is exponential, not linear.

We’re at mach 10 and only getting faster.

New tools have made the previous redundant.

New mediums have changed the landscape into portrait.

New intelligences seek to take over established ones, creating with a word.

What was, will no longer suffice, if we want to be the creators of what will be.

But this isn’t a new tale. History has always repeated itself.

And it’s time to adapt like we always have, to conquer a new frontier.

Because from these ashes, a new era begins.

The throne is ours for the taking.

And the first step starts here.

Design is dead. Long live design.

The Distinguished Speakers of Designyatra:

  1. Kelly Anna – Artist & Designer
    The epitome of energy, Kelly Anna’s work is much like herself; constantly in motion. One day, she’s working with fashion houses or designing a footwear collection with Nike, and the next adding a pop of colour to popcorn packets. Our favourites though, are her vibrant murals bringing buildings to life with her bold silhouettes.
  2. Mike Perry – Multi-Dimensional Artist, Mike Perry Studio
    Trying to describe Mike Perry’s genius is like trying to list out why potatoes are the perfect vegetable; it’s very hard to do in just a few lines. And like potatoes, Mike makes everything he touches better. Be it motion graphics, sculptures, paintings, silkscreens, art installations, and so many more.
  3. Ferry Gouw – Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Art Director
    Those are the fondest sounds of Ferry’s childhood. And the reaction most people have when they see his work now. Because whether it’s cover art for musicians like Major Lazer and Paul McCartney, or his countless collaborations with brands like Adidas, Lacoste and Apple Music, whatever Ferry does, he does with a BANG!
  4. Khyati Trehan – Graphic Designer & 3D Visual Artist
    Khyati Trehan’s mantra is simple; finding calm in the chaos. She specialises in wrangling ideas that aren’t “supposed” to make sense together through sheer resilience, innovating and inventing as much as she is designing. And honestly, it pays off. She’s not only been on more lists than we could ever hope to include here, but her portfolio stretches from graphic design and branding to 3D modelling and animation, magically switching between mediums without skipping a beat.
  5. Sanchit Sawaria – Art Director & Design Generalist
    Sanchit Sawaria treats his art like poetry. Deep, soulful, flowing. As a generalist, he’s always experimenting with mediums to create a rhythm that allows the idea to flow effortlessly, whether it’s through illustration or 3D art. His love for everything from typefaces to electronic music feeds into this process.
  6. Danaé Gosset – Animator & Art Director
    Danae is as much a scientist as she is an artist. Because she’s constantly on the edge of discovery, experimenting with mediums to create a style that’s solely her own. And it shows. Her work is ethereal, real, magical and dreamlike all at the same time. As someone who combines analogue and digital mediums, she is particularly excited about the new frontier of design and how she’s adapting to it.
  7. Ben Jones – Transformation Leader
    Ben Jones is an idea machine. Why? Because his inner child is usually at the wheel. Except when he’s actually driving, of course. But when it’s time to think of unique solutions to problems, he combines the beauty, innocence and naivety of their worldview with an understanding of tomorrow’s technology, and creates products and services that are rooted in emotion. And it works. Ideas that were once pipe dreams like Nike+ Training Club and the Dyson robotic vacuum have become reality. There’s nobody better to give us a better perspective on the changing world of design.
  8. Pablo Stanley – Co-Founder & CEO, Bueno
    It’s hard to not smile when you see Pablo Stanley’s work. Try it. He has a collection called Buttsss that we highly recommend you check out if you need a little joy. In fact, it’s a theme that follows in every bit of work he does. The hallmark of Pablo Stanley is his passion to empower other artists, whether that’s by sharing tutorials of his process or allowing anyone access to his open source library of creations. In short, Pablo is pure inspiration.
  9. Esra Gülmen – Artist
    Whether it’s social commentary or a unique insight of the human condition, Esra has a way of not just simplifying communication but also doing it through her unique and playful style. For her, it’s about communicating emotion in the most hard hitting form it can take. Her award winning work spans multiple mediums, like sculpture and painting, across the biggest brands like Nike and Mavi.
  10. Kris Meeusen – Founder and Creative Developer, Lab101
    Somebody call the tech companies! One of their coders is loose and rising to new heights in the art world. His name? Kris Meeusen. As a creative coder, his technological wizardry allows him to create beauty out of bits, bending code to his will to formulate captivating interactive installations displayed all around the globe. In an age where technology and art are more linked than ever before, Kris shows us how he merges the two.
  11. Gemma O’Brien – Artist & Designer
    Gemma knows her ABCs. And her DEFs. In fact, she’s pretty good with everything from the GHIs to the XYZs too. As a master in lettering and typography, you kind of have to be. And that’s just one piece of the puzzle. When you combine her skill in type with her expertise in illustration, you get something that truly speaks a thousand words.
  12. Dhairya Dand – Founder, ODD Industries
    If you see the list of inventions that Dhairya has created, you’d think he’s a time traveller from the future. Because anyone who can invent bio-reactive architecture, elastic computer screens, synthetic muscles, and shape-changing gadgets sounds like they came out of a DeLorean. But we checked and he’s a certified resident of the present, hell bent on creating a better future through design and innovation. What more can you ask for?
  13. Ar. Veeram Shah – Architect, Designer & Founder, Design Ni Dukaan
    Veeram is a sponge. Be it art, movies, books, architecture, or industrial design, everything feeds into the mosaic of his mind, where he shapes them together to form something truly beautiful. You can see it in his structures, in his collection of stylish furniture pieces and in the way he strives to find the merger between form and function.
  14. Somnath Bhatt – Artist, Designer & Writer
    Purism is the enemy of creativity. After all, true creativity is only achieved through an amalgamation of ideas, borrowing from each other to create something the world hasn’t seen before. And for Somnath, that vision becomes reality by searching for the new in the old and the old in the new. Where past and present collide to create a future of design that’s interdisciplinary and woven with symbolism.
  15. Sri Rama Murthy aka Murthovic – Sound Designer, Music Producer & DJ
    Sri Rama Murthy, aka Murthovic, and Batman might not have a lot in common. But they both use the power of beats and come out at night so the line is pretty thin wouldn’t you say? As a sound designer extraordinaire, Murthovic treats every note like a stroke on a canvas and is the creator of his own brand of house music. He’s designed video games and ads in the past and continues to evolve his music beyond the console. Because no matter the medium, the love for design runs through it all.
  16. Vasjen Katro – Visual Designer
    Good design is subjective. But a successful design on the other hand has a clear definition, according to Vasjen. It’s something that is timeless in its form and function, even after looking at it years down the line. Sometimes you hit that mark and sometimes you don’t. But for Vasjen, the important part has always been to evolve and keep the challenge fresh. Because running water never stagnates.
  17. Erik Carter – Art Director & Graphic Designer
    Design Harder. Those two words are the shortest way to describe Erik Carter’s philosophy. If you’d like to hear a few more, read on. Erik never stops at the first idea. He pushes it further. And from MTV to the The New York Times, and now his own practice, he has created work that is contemporary and timeless. He prefers keeping himself in flux, constantly exploring new styles and materials, and diverging his skills to new places. Because it’s easy to get stuck when you don’t design harder.

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