Struggles of being an immigrant is at the root of boutique design studio, Supernova

Our lives are shaped by our unique experiences. These experiences shape our personalities and choices, and also find an expression in our work.

Asavari Kumar and Shaivalini Kumar, co-founders of a boutique design studio, Supernova, credit their style and design to their experiences as immigrants. The two sisters left home to pursue their careers and ended up starting a design studio that helps innovative brands and businesses tell their unique stories in playful and creative ways, Supernova, named after their cat.

The sisters shared their journey at the Kyoorius Designyatra this year, where they explained how being immigrants in two different countries — Asavari in the USA, and Shaivalini in the Netherlands — played a role in their design language and communication. Being illustrators, their personal work shares stories of home, belonging, and longing.

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