Thirteen best COVID awareness posters from the UN

Responding to an open brief by the UN, thousands of designers sent their works. We select the best for you

In the end of March 2020, the United Nations issued an open brief to designers of the world to respond to COVID19. The secretary general of the UN,  António Guterres said that the creativity of the response must match the unique nature of the crises, and the magnitude of the response must match its scale. Hundreds and thousands of designers, artists and studios translated critical public health messages issued by the UN into posters, animations and films.

We did the arduous task of making a selection of our favourite thirteen posters from the thousands of entires. (Here is the brief and you can still send your work.) Download and share, and don’t forget to credit the artist:

By William Barnes (Designer) Charlie Bulmer (Copywriter) | “My partner and I wanted to create simple graphical solutions to the promotion of social distancing.”
By Perdo Correia |  “An everyday reminder of how to avoid and stop Corona virus from spreading. Rule #3 — Avoid touching face”
By Megan Fatharly
By Liudmila Shurygina | “This poster is created to inspire people to see the social isolation in a positive and creative way. It is a moment of inner stillness and an open gate to self development. You can do everything from playing musical instruments to cooking experiments. And in the same time may be save somebody’s life by staying at home.”

By Nathan Somers
By Irina Chaitsyna
By Nathalia Pontes | “I hope to keep people aware of basic prevention for avoid covid19 transmission. Please, try not to touch your face”
By Mara Saturio
By Underway Studio | “A tongue in cheek take on the classic railway adventure style poster of the early 1900’s, but instead of advertising trips to the countryside or the sea, audiences are encouraged to find adventure within their own homes. A tropical palette and textured imagery gives some life to what may be a mundane space, with a subtle nod to the great oceans through some fishy friends.”
By Adam Niklewicz
By Olga Svitelska | “On the importance of virtual communication during the pandemic.”
By Preacher Austin | COVID-19 is a pandemic unlike most of us have ever seen before. It’s shaken the world to its core and caused a bit of panic when it comes to protecting ourselves. But we realized, as unique as this virus is, the same precautions we need to take in order to prevent COVID-19 are the ones students have learned in sex ed for decades. Borrowing from the language, tone and animation styles common in sexual education materials, we’ll create a campaign of “sixual education” to give the world a lighthearted and relatable way to understand and remember to keep their distance.
By Xiaoyou Luo





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