The Five Pack — The minimal packaging

A five part series on trends that will dominate brand packaging

Second of the five part series on the upcoming design trends that will dominate brand packaging in 2020.

When people think of minimalist design, often they think of wide open spaces containing maximum negative space and a simple design which gives the product a clean and elegant look. Minimalist design not only facilitates the assimilation of information but generates greater visual impact, attracting the attention of the busy consumers and making easy the difficult task of deciding which product to buy in just a few seconds.

Minimal design means the bare essentials must be present, in addition to being practical and visually appealing. Think about each element individually, does it serve a purpose that’s going to create a better journey for the user or is it pure decoration?

Minimal design is refined down to its key essentials and it uses those essentials as the artistic attention grabbers.

Below are few examples of minimalist packaging:

The bottle features subtle-yet-shapely curves and an indented center with a curvy posterior on the bottom end. It is unadorned save for a logo on the upper neck and a stamp on the bottom bearing Zaha Hadid’s design moniker.
In a bid to stand out, Greater Than Gin has been designed as a simple, clear bottle with a black and white poster with hints of copper — a nod towards the copper pot still distillery process. The name, of course, pays tribute to India’s worldly contribution to mathematics.
The packaging design is intended to respect and reinterpret the traditional sake bottle, which typically features a paper wrapper around its lid. New material choices and technologies were used to ensure that the drink can be served chilled. A water-resistant label replaces the usual paper sticker and a UV coating protects the sake from sunlight.
Ishika Keshari is the content executive at Taali Media, a design studio in based in Gurgaon.

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