Studio Bigfat designs the visual identity for Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters and Bakehouse

Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters and Bakehouse is one of the few good things to come out of the covid-19 pandemic. A café-cum-roastery and bakehouse all-in-one, Subko was launched in 2020, only a few days before the nationwide lockdown owing to the pandemic was imposed. The cafe was started by Rahul Reddy and Daniel Trulson in a 1925 bungalow in Bandra, Mumbai. Daniel is one of the most well-known bakers, and also runs the bakery cafe Bread & Chocolate in Auroville.

Subko Specialty Coffee Roasters and Bakehouse is at its core, committed to an ideal: to build the Indian subcontinent as a legitimate contributor to the global specialty coffee and craft baking movements. Subko had a design-first approach to building its brand identity. Its unique visual identity was designed by Aniruddh Mehta founder of the design studio, Bigfat.

Mehta designed a distinctly typography-focused visual identity, with its unique ‘tri-script’ logo always displayed in Devanagari, English and Urdu to reflect both the diversity of the Indian subcontinent and the three broadly representative cultural components of the region through language.

A distinctly typography-focused visual identity.

Subko’s hand-sketched, intricate illustrations of Arabica coffee and croissants aim to highlight its commitment to hand-crafted detail in its products. Subko ultimately aims to play a small role in helping re-imagine what an aesthetic from the Indian subcontinent can mean — both in a local and global context within the food & beverage industry and beyond.
Subko’s two-tone colour pallate extends across multiple touch-points in order to create brand synergy and familiarity. From the coffee box packaging to the interior walls of the cafe. incorporate classic homages to the Indian subcontinent using ‘Kerala’ green and distressed cream reminiscent of old school tea and coffee houses on roadsides across India. Along with that we use the same configuration of Subko’s tri-script logo unit for signages within the cafe such as “Order Here” and “Bloom Bar”.

This project won a Blue Elephant at Kyoorius Design Awards 2021 for Visual Identity Scheme for a start-up company.



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