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Designyatra 2013, held from August 29 to August 31, was centered around the theme “Create Change,” emphasizing the profound influence that design can have on shaping the world. The focal point was on those two potent words: “Create” and “Change.” The event gathered speakers from diverse corners of the world. Their discussions revolved around the idea that design is not just about aesthetics; it’s a potent tool that can drive tangible and impactful transformation in various aspects of society.

The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers who have demonstrated the power of design to create meaningful change:

  1. Andy Goodman – MD, Fjord Spain
    Andy, a futurist and early service design pioneer, has a deep affinity for digital and science, driving him to help major brands innovate through design transformation. With a background in games and interactive TV, he joined Fjord, focusing on mobile innovation and now leads Fjord’s Madrid studio, while also being a sought-after mobile expert and speaker at global conferences.

  2. Bart Kresa – Founder, BARTKRESA Design
    BARTKRESA design, Inc. is a globally renowned firm for pioneering digital projection design, led by Founder and Master Projection Designer Bart Kresa. With over 20 years of experience, Kresa’s remarkable work spans major brands and humanitarian causes, contributing to the advancement of projection design worldwide.

  3. Dharamveer Kamboj – Innovator, Entrepreneur
    Dharamveer Kamboj, a tenacious innovator, embodies the philosophy of success through relentless struggle. Overcoming obstacles, he introduced a multifunctional processing machine for farmers, nurtured a love for herbs from a young age, and pioneered innovative farming techniques. His journey, marked by hybrid tomato cultivation, battery-operated spraying devices, and mushroom farming, showcases his resilience and determination.

  4. Dominic Harris – Founder & Creative Director, Cinimod Studio
    Dominic Harris, architect and founder of Cinimod Studio, excels in merging technology and interaction within architecture, particularly in innovative lighting schemes. With a background in top design firms like Future Systems and Softroom, his work has earned numerous awards and recognition, contributing to raising awareness and appreciation for the lighting industry.

  5. João Cardoso Fernandes – Chief Creative Officer, VIEW Isobar
    Trained in computer science and mathematics, he transitioned to advertising and design, co-founding VIEW, the Portuguese branch of Isobar Network, where he led projects for brands like Lipton, Adidas, and GM. With numerous international awards and frequent invitations as a jury member and speaker, he’s made significant contributions to the industry’s creative landscape.

  6. Karin Fong – Director & Designer, Imaginary Forces
    Karin Fong, a partner at Imaginary Forces, is a prolific director and designer known for her screen sequences, including iconic main titles for Boardwalk Empire and feature films like Terminator: Salvation. With her unique visual storytelling style, she has also ventured into video game cinematics and large-scale installations, earning multiple accolades and recognition.

  7. KV ‘Pops’ Sridhar – CCO, Leo Burnett – India & Subcontinent
    From Bollywood billboard painter to Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett India, Pops is a revered creative leader, known for his extensive awards collection, including 22 Cannes Lions and international recognition. He’s credited with elevating Leo Burnett India’s creative prowess, winning Agency of the Year in the global network twice and earning honors like the New York Festivals Creative Achievement Award and Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Creative of the Year award.

  8. Laura Jordan Bambach – Creative Director, Dare UK
    Laura, Creative Director at Dare, blends innovative technology, customer behavior insights, and storytelling in her work. Recognized with awards and honors, she’s a Vice President of D&AD, a lecturer, co-founder of SheSays, and founder of Cannt festival, emphasizing collaboration and impactful ideas.

  9. Margaret Stewart – Director of Product Design, Facebook
    Margaret Gould Stewart, Director of Product Design at Facebook, focuses on enhancing user experience and optimizing the platform for businesses. With over 15 years of experience, she has led design teams for major websites, speaks about design and user experience, and serves on boards and juries in the design field.

  10. Melissa Weigel – Creator & Director, Moment Factory
    Melissa, a creative leader at Moment Factory, specializes in crafting large-scale multimedia experiences for stages and public spaces. With a background in contemporary dance and performance art, she has directed innovative projects for renowned artists and events worldwide.

  11. Oliver Jeffers – Artist & Illustrator, Studio of Oliver Jeffers
    Oliver Jeffers is a versatile artist known for his paintings, illustrations, and picture books. His internationally acclaimed work includes bestselling picture books, animated films, and exhibitions across the world.

  12. Paul Hughes – Founder, Ten Meters of Thinking
    Paul Hughes is a globally recognized speaker who engages audiences through his unique visual-verbal performances, drawing as he speaks along ten meters of paper. His concept, “Ten Meters of Thinking,” fosters individual and organizational transformation by combining timeless stories with timely contexts, encouraging new visions and narratives for addressing modern challenges through design.

  13. Ramesh Sathiah – Partner & Creative Director, Song Zu
    Ramesh Sathiah, Partner and Creative Director of Song Zu, the prominent Music and Sound Design Company in Australasia, started his music career after obtaining a Bachelor of Music. He swiftly rose through the ranks at Song Zu, becoming Creative Director for their Singapore operation and winning awards for his work, including campaigns for Smirnoff and Bundy 5.

  14. Sajan Raj Kurup – Founder & CCO, Creativeland Asia
    In 2007, Sajan RaJ Kurup turned his dream of starting his own creative hub into a reality with the launch of Creativeland Asia. With a diverse background including roles from a newspaper boy to a bartender, Sajan boasts 17 years in the advertising industry, having worked across several countries and companies before founding Creativeland.

  15. Simon Sankarayya (Sanky) – Creative Partner & Founder, AllofUs
    Sanky is a co-founder of AllofUs and oversees its major creative projects, boasting experience with notable clients such as IKEA, Nokia, and Design Museum. With a background in graphic design and art direction, he’s a sought-after speaker at international design conferences and has served as a judge for various prestigious awards.

  16. Susant Pattnaik – Innovator, Serial entrepreneur
    Susant Pattnaik, a 20-year-old innovator and entrepreneur, has successfully realized ten innovations from ideas to prototypes, founded four companies, and shared his insights as a motivational speaker, gaining recognition from MIT’s Technology Review and prestigious institutions like IITs. His diverse accomplishments reflect his passion for forward-looking ideas and the confidence to turn them into reality.

  17. Tan Yew Leong – Founder, The Storytellers
    Tan Yew Leong’s 25-year career spans design to advertising, including a stint as ECD at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. Co-creating the Petronas festive campaign, he founded The Storytellers in 2011, now focused on directing brand stories through film and design.

  18. Tim Greenhalgh – Chief Creative Officer, FITCH
    With a career spanning over 20 years, Tim started at FITCH and, apart from a 6-year period with Conran Design Group, has remained with the international agency. As FITCH’s Global Creative Chief, he oversees the creative output of 14 studios in 9 countries and collaborates closely across regions, upholding quality standards and promoting fresh thinking in the industry.
  19. Vassilios Alexiou – Creative Director & Founder, Less Rain
    Vassilios Alexiou, Founder of Less Rain, excels in blending design, technology, and communication, leading a 15-year journey of delivering top interactive solutions for agencies, brands, and start-ups. He’s a frequent awards judge, writer, and conference speaker, holding an MA in Design for Interactive Media.

Designyatra 2013 brought together this diverse group of speakers, each showcasing their unique journey and perspective on how design can be a catalyst for change. The event aimed to inspire creative professionals to go beyond aesthetics and embrace design as a powerful instrument for positive transformation.

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