Words to remember from #KDY15

What pumps your heart? Between 10-12 September, many hearts pumped for #kdy15. Here are some of the more delectable quotes from the speakers, shot and shared by our enthusiastic, energised delegates.

Narrative thinkers and systematic thinkers need to be in sync for any story to have an impact. @nicklaw01@RGA

Be ruthless, ask for forgiveness not permission, be relentless, do thing Properly, Love large. Believe.  @laurajaybee

Don’t let the borings get you. Choose interesting. @laurajaybee Photo by @HarsimarSingh10

World’s best and possibly most popular nanny – @YouTube @satyarags

Technology should be an enabler not a hindrance. @mcjha Autowale.

Say yes to things that scare you – @LydiaWinters Mojang

What’s @Minecraft’s secret? “We just tried to get out of the way of the people trying to use it.” @LydiaWinters @Mojang

Respect @teamgoodguys Photo by @markvdheijden

Do not make shit for shit. Don’t make another waste for waste. @I_am_Mori

Search for ideas in the right place, not the bright place. @I_am_Mori

Advertising isn’t creative anymore. Technology and complexity has now taken over creativity. @davetrott

The quality of a brief is inversely proportion to the length of the brief. @davetrott

To play you have to plan. @ArminVit

To do the things we love we must learn to embrace the things we hate. @ArminVit Photo by @tomgreyman

Give yourself permission to do something you didn’t think you should. Kevin Finn @The_Sum_Of

Do not be scared of the unknown. It nourishes creativity through validation. Kevin Finn @The_Sum_Of

Touching lives with the work makes the work itself much more rewarding. @StuartRadford1 of @the_partners

Before you start a new project, you should ask yourself, can you give it your heart? @jessicawalsh

Get off the computer and make shit. @jessicawalsh

Don’t give options. Fight for what you believe in. @jessicawalsh

Learn from ants. The amount of waste we produce in the world is brutal. @DaanRoosegaarde

There are always 5000 reasons to not do something but there are also 5 good reasons to do something. @DaanRoosegaarde

Our desire for progress sometimes makes us blind to the consequences which we never imagined @DaanRoosegaarde

Anxiety is the fuel. Fear is the opportunity – Amardeep Behl. Photo by @SetuAdvertising

Follow processes diligently but the journey is always inward. Amardeep Behl.

We Indians are stories, told and lived thousands of years. Amandeep Behl

Can facts inspire us? – Tnop Wangsillapakun. Photo by @karishmagupta_

Don’t have to conclude everything for people. Let them play around and create. Tnop Wangsillapakun

If you have an idea, craft it enough to say it within the length of a tweet. @markvdheijden #thebackpackerintern

Success doesn’t always mean numbers – @NevilleBrody Photo by @saswata_twit

Whew! That’s enough for a couple of days, we suppose.


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