Shubhi Sachan

Founder, Material Library of India

Shubhi Sachan writes:

“Before too soon, when our natural resources become scarce & waste accumulation reaches a tipping point, waste streams will become the future quarries for mining materials” 

My practice is focused on investigating value chains and making waste materials come to life again, the rebirth of materials that were once exiled to towering landfills or incinerators. The advent of the mining industry in the industrial era brought about an obsession with virgin raw materials. Industries see raw material go into powerful machines that turn them into shiny new products, turning a blind eye to the little pieces of industrial scrap produced with each manufacturing operation. Not only is this catastrophic for the environment, but large quantities of materials that require highly sophisticated processes, copious amounts of energy and resources for manufacturing in the first place, are wasted. I founded Material Library of India in 2017. 

Prior to this I have experience of 6 years in textile industries & started focusing on sustainability focused project since 2012.


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