Roosje Klap

Founder, ARK Studio

Roosje Klap researches the experimental boundaries of custom fit design through close collaborations with artists, curators, architects, (type) designers, and writers. With the group of ARK (Atelier Roosje Klap) their research- based interdisciplinary approach is reflective of a generation of designers that define their assignments alongside commissions. As an experienced educator and coach specializing in graphic design, media art, and digital humanities, Roosje led and designed curricula and workshops for international art academies and universities to guide and inspire creatives and enhance equitable relationships in their habitats. Klap is chairman of the board at Valiz Publishers, member of the board of governors for the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, and board member of the Wim Crouwel Institute and The Hmm. Klap is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Leiden, Humanities faculty / Academy for Creating and Performing Arts (ACPA), under supervision of Prof. Dr. Anke Haarmann and Prof. Dr. Annet Dekker. Furthermore, Roosje Klap is part of the A.I.Reserach Group at Sandberg Institute, led by Flavia Dzodan, and a member of the Networked Image research group at the University of Amsterdam (ASCA). In 2022, ARK won the Golden Calf for ‘Best Digital Cultural Production’ at the Netherlands Film Festival for the project LAWKI.


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