Relive Kyoorius Designyatra 2014 | What If?

From September 11 to September 13, Designyatra 2014 embarked on a journey of uncharted territories, inspiring attendees to ask the question, “What if?” In a world of endless possibilities, the event aimed to push the boundaries of creativity and imagination. It all began with the belief that groundbreaking ideas are born from daring to tread the untested paths.

The conference brought together visionary speakers from across the globe, each sharing their unique perspectives on innovation and creativity. These thought leaders challenged the delegates to step out of their comfort zones, break free from conventions, and embrace radical approaches to problem-solving. Through a series of captivating talks and engaging discussions, attendees were urged to look beyond cliches and question norms, with the ultimate goal of shaping new ideas and reimagining the world.

Meet the speakers –

  1. Ajaz Ahmed – Founder, AKQA
    Ajaz is the CEO and founder of AKQA, an innovation company that merges art and science to create beautiful ideas, products, and services. Recognized as a pioneer, he co-authored the best-selling book “Velocity” and leads AKQA, which employs 1,600 people across 13 offices and has won awards for enterprise innovation, with clients including Nike and Red Bull.

  2. Christian Etter – Founder, Etter Studio
    Born in Switzerland in 1982, Christian Etter studied Swiss Typography in Zurich. He has held roles such as Art Director at Saatchi&Saatchi in Milan, Consultant at Fabrica, and Counselor for vulnerable children. Christian currently leads Etter Studio and directs at Unit9, London, and is recognized for his award-winning work and involvement in various design organizations.

  3. David Berman – Founder, David Berman Communications
    David Berman is a design and communication expert with 30 years of experience. He’s an author, speaker, consultant, and advisor to the United Nations, known for his work in accessible design and ethical graphic design.

  4. David Law – Founder, Co-Owner, Executive Strategic Creative Director, SomeOne
    David Law is a founding partner and executive creative director of SomeOne branding agency, with over 18 years of experience advising clients like Chivas, Eurostar, and Nestlé. Before SomeOne, he founded NoOne and worked with clients such as Arts Council, England, and Virgin while serving as Design Director at Coley Porter Bell.

  5. Deepak Jagdish – Computational Designer, MIT Media Lab
    Deepak Jagdish, a computational media researcher from MIT Media Lab, specializes in creating innovative perspectives across diverse areas such as visualization, mapping, network science, and interface design. Notably, his recent project ‘Immersion’ visually explores the connections within email data, and he brings a multidisciplinary approach to his work, drawing from his background in computer science, signal processing, and design.
  6. Dhairya Dand – Designer, Researcher & Artist, MIT Media Lab
    Dhairya Dand, an MIT Media Lab artist and researcher, manipulates materials and spaces to enhance senses and emotions. His work is globally exhibited, published, and recognized by major media and institutions, including WIRED and Boston Globe.

  7. Elizabeth McGuane, Content Strategy & User Experience Design
    Elizabeth is an independent content strategist, editor and UX designer working in London. She was first a journalist, then worked in some tiny, middle-sized and very large digital agencies before becoming an independent content strategy consultant.

  8. Gaston Legorburu – Executive Director & Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, SapientNitro
    Gaston Legorburu, co-author of the New York Times Best Seller “Storyscaping,” is the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of SapientNitro, a groundbreaking agency reshaping storytelling for the digital era. Recognized as a game-changer in the industry, Gaston leads the agency’s strategic vision, sits on prestigious award show juries, and contributes to the International Academy of Arts and Sciences.

  9. Holly Hall – Awards Director, D&AD
    Holly is the Awards Director at D&AD, overseeing the strategy and operations for the D&AD Professional Awards and other initiatives, including sustainability and international partnerships. Her role involves project management, event production, and business development to keep the D&AD brand relevant and engaging for creative professionals globally.

  10. Ivan Chermayeff – Principal, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv
    Ivan Chermayeff, a prolific designer, illustrator, and artist, is a founding partner of Chermayeff & Geismar, renowned for iconic images, trademarks, and art installations. With numerous awards, including the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement, he’s a past AIGA president and Art Directors Club Hall of Fame inductee, leaving a lasting impact on graphic design.

  11. Jonathan Ford – Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer, Pearlfisher
    Jonathan, Pearlfisher’s Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer, challenges the norm and advocates for creative change in design. With a track record of iconic brand creation and championing design’s impact, he’s a sought-after speaker and advocate, driving innovation and success.

  12. Karsh Kale, Karsh Kale Collective
    Karsh Kale, a visionary composer and producer, has carved a unique path in global music with his genre-blending approach. From collaborating with renowned artists to pioneering electronic fusion, Kale’s influential work, including albums like “Realize,” “Liberation,” and “Breathing Under Water,” has earned him recognition as a trailblazer in the world of music.

  13. Liam Paton – Co-Founder & Music Director, Silent Studios
    Silent Studios in London, founded by Creative Director Nathan Prince and Composer Liam Paton, fuses design, music, and interactive projects. They’re known for large-scale immersive experiences globally, collaborating with brands like Adidas, Burberry, and Google, as well as cultural institutions and production companies.

  14. Mat Heinl – Chief Executive Officer, Moving Brands
    Mat Heinl is CEO of Moving Brands, a role that followed his progression from Junior Designer to Chief Creative Officer. He’s led global projects like HP’s brand transformation, collaborating with companies such as Barclaycard and Norton & Sons to integrate design thinking and drive innovation for growth.

  15. Morihiko Hasebe – Executive Creative Director, Hakuhodo Inc.
    Tokyo-born Mori began his career as a copywriter with Hakuhodo in 1986, amassing 28 years of experience and international awards. His passion for advertising led him to judge prestigious awards like Cannes, AdFest, and D&AD, while he’s also ventured into filmmaking with award-winning releases.

  16. Natasha Jen – Partner, Pentagram
    Born in Taipei, Natasha Jen studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York before joining renowned design studios and eventually establishing her own, Njenworks. As a partner at Pentagram, her cross-disciplinary practice spans brand identities, exhibitions, motion graphics, and interactive projects for clients like Nike, Guggenheim Museum, and Harvard Art Museums.

  17. Nitipak ‘Dot’ Samsen – Partner, Umbrellium
    Dot, a designer, architect, and gamer, explores life’s paradoxes in his projects. Trained in Thailand and the Royal College of Art, he has exhibited globally, won awards, and currently partners at Umbrellium, crafting products for urban transformation.

  18. Simon Manchipp – Founder, Co-Owner, Executive Strategic Creative Director, SomeOne
    As the Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of SomeOne, Simon leads innovative brand launches and revamps worldwide, including the rebranding of Royal Opera House, Royal Museums Greenwich, Eurostar, and FastJet. With over 20 years in the design field, he’s a recognized voice, member of D&AD Executive Committee, and co-founder of SomeOne, known for prominent projects spanning various sectors.

  19. Stalin K – Director & Managing Trustee, Video Volunteers
    Stalin K. is a media and human rights activist with 20 years of experience pioneering participatory media models, leading Video Volunteers to empower community voices globally. As an acclaimed documentary filmmaker and president of Community Radio Forum-India, he advocates democratizing India’s airwaves, while his films have garnered international attention for issues like caste and untouchability.

  20. Tim Malbon – Founding Partner, Made By Many
    Made by Many creates digital products and services using Lean start-up, service design, and Agile methods for real-time customer validation. Clients include Skype, Adidas, Universal Music, and Tim, a founding partner, is recognized for his innovative contributions in the digital industry.

  21. Todd Rovak – Managing Partner, Fahrenheit 212
    Todd Rovak, Managing Partner at Fahrenheit 212, has orchestrated the company’s innovative process and growth for Fortune 500 firms. With expertise across various industries, he introduced scalable innovation methodologies, and his investment background led Fahrenheit 212 to collaborate with leading institutional investors.

Designyatra 2014 was not just an event; it was a catalyst for change and inspiration. The conference left attendees with the burning desire to challenge conventions, embrace innovation, and embark on a journey of limitless creativity. With these groundbreaking ideas in mind, the attendees returned to their worlds, armed with the knowledge that “What if?” can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

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