Relive Kyoorius Designyatra 2009 | The New Norm – Let’s Try Something Different

In the dynamic realm of design, the year 2009 marked a departure from the ordinary. From the 9th to the 11th of September, Designyatra 2009 unfolded with the theme “The New Norm – Let’s Try Something Different.” This fourth edition of Kyoorius Designyatra introduced novel paradigms, challenging conventions and fostering fresh perspectives. Notably, Designyatra chose Mumbai as its venue, a departure from its earlier editions held in Goa.

The New Norm: Pioneering Change through Creativity

Kyoorius Designyatra 2009 was a declaration of change, an assertion that creativity thrives on innovation and embracing the unknown. Amidst the bustling energy of Mumbai, the event stood as a testament to the power of design to reshape norms and transcend boundaries.

Exploring the Minds of #KDY09 Speakers

At the heart of Designyatra 2009 were the visionaries and thought leaders who dared to tread the path less taken, embracing the theme of “The New Norm” with open arms. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, embodying the spirit of experimentation and innovation that echoed through the event.

Let’s delve into the exceptional speakers who illuminated the corridors of #KDY09:

  1. Anthony Lopez – Founder & CEO, Lopez Design
    Anthony Lopez, a designer with a passion rooted in printing, seamlessly melds practical experience with design prowess. As the driving force behind Lopez Design, he’s delivered excellence across branding, design, and social projects, speaking at major design forums and mentoring aspiring designers, all while embodying a commitment to meaningful design.

  2. Arno Twigt – Director, QuA
    QuA, an Amsterdam-based design strategy studio with 27 years of ‘Brand Environment Design’ expertise, collaborates closely with clients to ensure consistent brand messaging across various mediums. From architectural spaces to digital platforms, QuA’s integrated approach delivers excellence with a diverse network of trusted partners, resulting in satisfied clients including Audi, Nike, and Van Gogh Museum.

  3. Barry Schwarz – Co-founder & Creative Director, ADDIKT
    Barry Schwarz, the creative director at Addikt, contributed to the foundation of Addikt Design Movement in Amsterdam in 2004. Formed by joining forces with Koen van Ovoorden and Sander Lipmann, Addikt excels in graphic design and motion graphics, serving clients like Philips, Nike, and MTV.

  4. Ben Terret – Partner, Really Interesting Group
    Ben Terrett, currently the Head of Design for the UK Government’s Digital Service, boasts a diverse career including roles at Wieden & Kennedy London, co-founding Newspaper Club, and being a partner in Really Interesting Group (RIG). His broad influence spans across design industry events like SXSWi, TEDx, and D&AD, and his work has been featured in The Guardian, Creative Review, and Design Week.

  5. Carlos Munoz – Founder, Vueling Airlines
    Carlos Muñoz, often likened to the Spanish ‘Richard Branson,’ established Spain’s first low-cost airline, Vueling Airlines, within just 3 years. Graduating from ICADE and holding an MBA from Harvard University, he demonstrated his innovative approach by identifying market inefficiencies and fostering trusted partnerships like with Lazaro Ros, leading to the airline’s success with over 1,200 employees and €400 million in sales.

  6. Dr. Rafael Ramirez – Founding Partner, Normann Partners
    Dr. Rafael Ramirez, a prominent figure in strategy, is the Founding Partner of NormannPartners and a Fellow in Strategy at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, where he also directs the Oxford Scenarios Programme. With a wealth of experience spanning countries, he’s made significant contributions as Co-Chairman of the Strategic Foresight Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum and as Visiting Professor at Shell International and HEC-Paris.

  7. Erik Spiekermann – Founder & Partner, Edenspiekermann
    Internationally acclaimed graphic designer and type designer, Erik Spiekermann, co-founded MetaDesign in 1979, later establishing FontShop International and FontFont with Joan Spiekermann and Neville Brody. He’s renowned for influential typefaces like FF Meta, and his contributions have earned him an Honorary Doctorship and a place in the European Design Awards Hall of Fame.

  8. Hugo van des Bos – Strategy Director & Partner, Koeweiden Postma
    Hugo van den Bos, strategy director and partner at Koeweiden Postma, a leading Dutch design agency, has been advocating the communicative power of design since joining in 2002. With a background in social sciences, he’s contributed to projects like visual identities for major entities such as the Dutch Ministry of Education and Dutch retail chain HEMA, within the agency’s creatively influential team of 25.

  9. Jacob Benbunan – Co Founder & CEO, Saffron Brand Consultants
    Jacob, co-founder and CEO of Saffron, is a passionate advocate of the company’s global, one-team approach, with over two decades of leading branding initiatives for prominent businesses worldwide. His extensive experience includes collaborating with Wally Olins at Wolff Olins and playing pivotal roles in creating iconic brands like Orange and Repsol, showcasing his multilingual expertise in branding discussions across English, French, and Spanish media.
  10. Jacob Van Rijs – Owner, MVRDV
    Jacob van Rijs, a co-founder of MVRDV, an internationally recognized architectural firm, has led prominent projects like the VPRO headquarters and WoZoCo housing, garnering global acclaim. With an extensive teaching background and a role as Chairman of the International program at the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, Jacob’s work, showcased in publications like FARMAX and KM3, continues to be influential and awarded worldwide.
  11. Jim Smith – Creative Director, QuA
    QuA, an Amsterdam-based design strategy studio with 27 years of ‘Brand Environment Design’ expertise, collaborates closely with clients to ensure consistent brand messaging across various mediums. From architectural spaces to digital platforms, QuA’s integrated approach delivers excellence with a diverse network of trusted partners, resulting in satisfied clients including Audi, Nike, and Van Gogh Museum.
  12. Jochem Leegstra – Founder & Creative Director..,staat
    Jochem Leegstra, founder and creative director of …,staat, launched the agency after roles at Amsterdam’s AT5 TV Channel and MA22O night club. With a dynamic profile, Jochem leads an award-winning agency known for diverse services, including design, branding, and architecture, catering to renowned clients like Nike, MTV, and Swarovski.
  13. Koen Van Ovoorde – Owner, ADDIKT
    Koen, Owner of Addikt, has led the agency’s evolution since 1997, focusing on connectivity beyond the digital realm. With offices in Amsterdam and Mumbai, Addikt excels in diverse digital storytelling and user engagement solutions, driven by a team of strategists, designers, and engineers who collaboratively craft innovative solutions with a global impact.
  14. Markus Pretnar – Designer, 3deluxe
    Prof. Markus Pretnar, born in 1970, is an integral part of the designer collective 3deluxe in Wiesbaden, primarily focusing on project planning and design. An architect and educator, he’s been recognized for his work and has contributed to interior design programs at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz since 2010.
  15. Michael Wolff – Creative Director, Michael Wolff & Company
    Michael Wolff, co-founder of iconic design firm Wolff Olins, is a renowned brand strategist and educator with global influence. He leads Michael Wolff & Company, engaging with diverse clients worldwide, and holds positions including UK Government’s Inclusive Design Champion and former president of D&AD and CSD.
  16. Ole Bouman – General Director, Netherlands Architecture Institute
    Ole Bouman, a prominent figure in architecture, history, and curation, played a pivotal role as director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi). His diverse contributions span from editing Volume Magazine to curating the NAi, driving discussions on contemporary challenges within the field.
  17. Paul Hughes – Strategic Director & Partner, LAVA
    Based in Amsterdam, Paul Hughes is a strategic director and partner at Lava, a creative design agency, while also consulting for Design Machine in New York. An advocate for deliberate creativity, he has interviewed influential figures like Dr. Edward de Bono and Stefan Sagmeister and lectures globally, focusing on Design Thinking and the uniqueness of Dutch Design’s interconnections.
  18. Priya Paul – Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels
    Priya Paul is a Director at Apeejay Surrendra Group, overseeing diverse sectors. With a background from Harvard Business School and INSEAD, she’s led Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, combining her passion for design, art, and business acumen, earning awards including FHRAI Entrepreneur of the Year and Forbes recognition as a powerful businesswoman.
  19. Raphael Grignani – Studio Manager / Senior Design Manager, Nokia Design
    Raphael established and led Nokia’s Bay-area design studio, driving cross-organizational design initiatives. With a Master’s degree in Product and Strategic Design, he’s an influential figure in the design community, engaging in mentoring, writing, and speaking at global conferences.
  20. Raphael Van Amerongen – CEO & Director, Merkx+Girod Architecture
    Raphaël van Amerongen, an architect with degrees from Delft and Rotterdam Universities, founded ASWA Architecture & Design Studio, served as CEO of Merkx+Girod Architecture, and played pivotal roles in education, including at Willem de Kooning Academy. He’s now a course director for Retail Design & Management at Delft University.
  21. Richard Van Der Laken – Owner & Designer, De Designpolitie
    Born in 1970, Richard van der Laken, a graphic design graduate from Utrecht and Sandberg Institute, co-founded De Designpolitie in 1995. He organized the impactful conference “What design can do?” and led notable projects including “Gorilla” in De Volkskrant and Groene Amsterdammer.
  22. Rob Wagemans – Founder, Architect & Creative Director, Concrete
    Rob Wagemans is an innovative architect leading Amsterdam-based firm Concrete, known for unconventional design and architecture. With a focus on creativity and functionality, Wagemans creates lasting structures that meet evolving needs.
  23. Rodney Fitch – Owner, Fitch
    Prof. Rodney Fitch CBE, founder of design consultancy Fitch, now advises a diverse portfolio of clients. With a significant impact on design education and the arts in the UK, Fitch’s expertise spans retail experience design globally.
  24. Roland Van Kralingen – Partner & Founder, INNOA
    Roland van Kralingen, an expert in marketing, played a vital role in branding and positioning projects across Europe. With a background in advertising and consulting, he founded consultancy firms, authored books, and continues to influence the marketing profession.
  25. Ross Lovegrove – Designer, Lovegrove Studio
    Ross Lovegrove is a pioneering designer known for his nature-inspired, technologically advanced creations that redefine aesthetics. With a background spanning various industries, his innovative designs are recognized globally and can be found in museums and collections worldwide.
  26. Shanoo Bhatia – Owner, Eureka Moment Design
    Shanoo is an NID graduate with 18 years of diverse design experience. She’s known for her strategic thinking, managing large-scale projects, and pioneering innovative design practices through her multidisciplinary firm, Eureka Moment Design Company.
  27. Sir Martin Sorrell – Founder & CEO, WPP
    Sir Martin Sorrell founded and has been the CEO of WPP, the world’s largest advertising and marketing services group. WPP encompasses renowned agencies and offers diverse services, including advertising, media, consumer insight, branding, and more, serving prominent clients globally.
  28. Willem Woudenberg – Co-Owner & Managing Partner, Edenspiekermann
    He’s a managing partner at Eden and Edenspiekermann, leading in international mergers and brand management. With diverse experience, he highlights branding’s impact on company success, culture, and client connections.

Kyoorius Designyatra 2009 epitomized the spirit of innovation, beckoning creative minds to step outside their comfort zones and embrace “The New Norm.” The echoes of this event continue to inspire and remind us that true transformation occurs when we dare to try something different.

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