Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen’s Key Message | KDY19

Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen is a co-founding Architect of Copenhagen-based Spacon & X and senior lecturer at KADK (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ school of Architecture). She has taken on a wide range of work since graduating from architecture school. Besides from design and architecture, Nikoline has been a co-host and judge on Danish TV. She has also been acknowledged for her progressive thoughts on the organisational structure of Spacon & X, which is based on inclusivity, positivity, and disruption of hierarchical thinking. Founded in 2014, Spacon & X (short for Spatial Conversion & Cross-functionalism) is a cross-disciplinary design- and architecture studio and double 2018 Dezeen awards winner (Emerging Interior Designer of the Year and Hospitality Interior of the Year). Now counting 20 people with diverse backgrounds, the studio takes on work in a wide range of scales – from product design and interior organization to larger building projects alongside developing concepts and ideas to optimize space and provide spatial identities for spaces in all shapes and sizes. Spacon & X aims to develop better ways of living and working in urban contexts with lack of space being a key issue. By rethinking the way we understand and consume space, Spacon & X is driven by the possibility of developing optimized and sustainable solutions to improve the urban, everyday lifestyle.

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