Nassia Inglessis

Artist, Engineer, CEO & Founder, Studio INI

“I disobey the notion that in an era of vast computational capacity and constructed intelligence, we architect our matter to be static; to be a rigid ‘shelter’ for the human body, disparate from its boundless mind and its place within nature’s ecosystem.”

Nassia Inglessis is a Greek artist based in Athens and London who merges scientific research with public engagement. Through her practice, Studio INI, she transforms traditional materials into kinetic sculptures of architectural scale, integrating the physical built environment with human perception.

With an MEng in Engineering Science from Oxford University and training in art and design at The Royal College of Art and MIT Media Lab, Nassia views technology as both art and science. As a University Professor and Course Master at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, she shapes future designers. Her work, internationally recognised (including V&A and Dezeen Studio of the Year), is part of the experiential artists group SUPERPLUE. Nassia’s research includes patents and publications, and her sculptures encourage audiences to explore and push the limits of their own experiences.

Instagram: @studio_ini

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