Manvendra Singh Shekhawat

Founder, Dhun

Manvendra Singh Shekhawat is a creator and visionary entrepreneur. His generational thinking, systems approach, creative mindset and perseverance have allowed him to bring ambitious  ideas to life. His hotel ventures, Suryagarh in Jaisalmer and Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner, are outliers and have been instrumental in putting these destinations on the luxury tourism map of India. He is currently restoring  five forts and palaces with a vision to transform these historical sites into a network of cultural hubs housing multiple cultural enterprises. Manvendra’s family’s humble beginnings and its entrepreneurial journey have given him a myriad of unique perspectives and experiences that allow him to think globally and act at the grassroots level. As a community leader, he has formed alliances with local communities to address systemic problems and has undertaken over 35 community projects. These include Jaisalmer’s largest cleanliness and conservation drive and launching India’s first citizen-airline partnership to strengthen regional tourism ecosystems.Manvendra’s greatest quest now is to innovate the future of liveability- Regenerative habitats that maximise human potential.  He spends most of his time on the site of his sandbox project, Dhun, where he is designing a regenerative habitat for 8,500 people. Over the last 8 years, he and his team have transformed 500 acres of barren land into a thriving ecosphere. They are now building an ecosystem of creative enterprises that leverage culture, nature, creativity and technology to create new developmental narratives that bring self-sufficiency and equality of opportunities in the developing world.


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