Going Analogue: A digital Artist Experiments with Screen Printing

Tired of the ephemeral nature of his work, a visual artist, whose typical day is spent deliberating over pixels and shifting between screens, decided to move to paint, paper and printing.

In January 2019, Rutger Paulusse, an Amsterdam based artist launched a personal project called the Relativity series. “Most of the work I have been doing the past years, started and ended as just pixels. They would only exist on my computer for a bit. They would then be sent via the digital highway to a client, and eventually the pixels wouldn’t be used anymore after the campaign is over. The pixels would slowly die and fade away,” states Paulusse. Soon he was overcome with an urge to create something tangible and tactile; a work that was not so fleeting and would stay for longer. This led to a personal project where Paulusse transformed his digital CGI work into screen-printed artwork .

All images from the artist’s website.

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