Five trends that are arising from changes in the past 6 months

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Mumbai-based studio and consultancy, Future Factory released a trend report Shape of the Future that outlines the new emerging world post the effect of the pandemic. The report marks five trends that are arising from changes noted over the past 6 months, owing to the pandemic and it explores how changing consumer behaviour and evolving business practices, will create a world very different from our past.

“As the use of digital platforms increases across the span of our income and our cities, our society is becoming digitally democratised and this is likely to have a huge impact on the services we consume, and the way our society is shaped,”says Geetika Kambli, Head Centre for Behavioural Research, Future Factory.

While the pandemic has accelerated the already visible trend of Digital Democracy, other trends like remote working and increased tolerance for diversity are relatively new, as covered in the trend Blurring Boundaries and Collective Identities.

Also, the healthcare industry is especially seeing a major shift in the way people are being tested and even treated, with remote/digital technologies and patient empowerment gathering pace and with global changes in regulatory measures, says the trend Powering Patients. And the fifth trend, Augmented Automation marks an interesting shift in small businesses now adopting digital transformation, changing the social fabric of how we shop, eat and travel. Each of these trends mark how the shifts affect consumer behaviour, business ecosystems and how technology plays a role in shaping them. has been collaborating with Future Factory on a series of in-depth articles on these trends. Read about the emergence of our digital-doubles in the post pandemic world, creative computation by machines, and emphasising on personality theory and behaviour change in the pandemic.

CII and Future Factory will be releasing the report today.


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