What Led To Disruptive Branding?

And how do you win in times of change?

Disruptive Branding is a practical guide from Saffron, demonstrating how to harness change to power your brand’s survival and ensure growth in a transforming world. It promises to help ambitious, courageous and aspirational organizations to define their compelling brand strategies, design powerful brand experiences and innovate new brand-led products and services.  Anant Rangaswami (Editor, Melt) discusses with Jacob Benbunan (Chairman & CEO, Saffron Brand Consultants).

Anant Rangaswami: This (Disruptive Branding) is actually the most recent book on branding. Jacob is one of the authors. And it’s called Disruptive Branding. So tell me why have you written this book? Why have you as in the plural you and your colleague, and why should marketers read this book? Or who should read this book?

Jacob Benbunan: We were approached by Kogan Page the publishers about a year ago to write a book on disruption. Our first reaction was who wants to talk about disruption again? Everyone knows about disruption. Wally Ollins spoke about disruption many 20 years ago. So, who wants another one in 2019? And they said no, use disruption because disruption sells. And we said okay how about combining disruption with what we do, what we know which is branding. And they said oh that is quite interesting. Because to what degree branding can be an agent for disruption. Or to what degree branding can be a tool to really fight against the disruption that happens to all of this on a daily basis. What this book is about, this book was written by my chief creative officer Gabor Schereier, my chief growth strategy officer Ben Knapp and myself.

Anant Rangaswami: Not your procurement officer?

Jacob Benbunan: The chaiwala, the chaiwala that co-founded Saffron with Wally Olins, about 19 years ago. And what this is about a 100 years that the three of us of experience have blended into 240 pages. It’s a book that we’ve tried to make as simple as possible in 10-11 chapters that actually cover everything that someone that gets involved in branding needs to understand.

Anant Rangaswami: Today.

Jacob Benbunan: From the CEO to the CMO to the student. Today obviously. There is a lot of experience here and it is all illustrated with clients that we’ve worked with or clients that we’ve not worked with but are really models who you learn from.

This interview first appeared on www.readytomelt.com.

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