Danae Gosset

Animator & Art Director

Catch Danae Gosset live at #KDY on 15 March at 3:00 PM IST. Register now for her talk, if you haven’t already.

Danaé Gosset is an animator and art director with ten years of experience, bringing her own and other people’s visions and dreams to life. Inspired by the idea of moving paintings, she crafts visual narratives between digital and analogue. Originally from Paris, she is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where she first developed her mixed-media style. Danaé then went to work as a designer for the studio Sagmeister & Walsh – subsequently &Walsh, for two years before striking it out as a freelance art director and animation director, where she worked for Nike, Apple, Spotify, Hermes, Warner Music and more. Her ethereal aesthetic, combined with dreamlike and colourful imagery, seeks to evoke emotions through visible brushstrokes and a textural, hand-drawn feel. Through a rich colour palette with vibrant tones, she takes the viewers through visionary journeys. Danaé is a recipient of numerous awards, including an SXSW Special Jury Award, ADC Young Guns 19, and a Vimeo Best of Year Staff Pick.

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