BMC puts up COVID-19 health advisories across city billboards

The city corporation acted much before the national lockdown

As a part of an awareness campaign, the Brihanmumbai Municipality Corporation (BMC) directed hoarding owners to display COVID-19 health advisories until the lockdown. A leading outdoor advertising agency that owns hoardings around the city stated that they would be reimbursed through a rebate on their licensing fees during the given period.

This led to over 1200 COVID-19 health advisory hoardings in the city. Showcasing phrases such as “CORONA SE MAT DARONA!” and “WE CAN STOP CORONA!” printed in English, Hindi and Marathi in order to reach the widest possible audience.

Since these hoardings were strategically placed in areas with high footfall such as traffic signals and junctions, widespread viewership was guaranteed.


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