Black Swan Life’s photography-led campaign for House of Society

Aman Tea Pvt Ltd, the makers of India’s well-known tea brand, Society Tea, wanted to launch pickles and chutneys under the banner of House of Society (under which Society Tea is slated). The tea giant assigned the task to the branding studio, Black Swan Life, to devise a campaign that focuses on the ingredients and taste.

The idea was to take people down the memory lane to rekindle the forgotten tastes of home made pickles and chutneys the way they used to be made by our great grandmothers and grandmothers in their kitchens. And how that special home-recipe was something of an heirloom that was passed down from one generation to the next. To bring this idea alive, the photography style of the late 1800s and early 1900s was employed. The resulting photographs were the foundation of the campaign, aptly named, Family Heirloom, that was used across country and across media. The photographs captured the nostalgia and period through women from different cultures posing in kitchens, presumably in the pickle making process. The treatment of the photographs, complete with creases, fading and yellowing to indicate the passing of the time invoke nostalgia and add a character to the photographs. In all, the campaign strongly asserts the idea of passing the secret pickle/chutney recipe down the generations. Here’s more:

Black Swan Life won a Blue Elephant at the Kyoorius Design Awards 2021 for this campaign. 


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