Ben Jones

Transformation Leader

Catch Ben Jones live at #KDY on 15 March at 2:00 PM IST. Register now for his talk, if you haven’t already.

Obsessed with the future, Ben believes anything is possible, which has been vital to helping establish AKQA as the world leader in digital transformation. Ben will always see the possibilities where others see obstacles. A constantly optimistic attitude comes from a core tenet in his outlook: to always look through the eyes of a child when faced with any challenge. He believes that by blending beauty, innocence, and naivety together with an understanding of tomorrow’s technology you will create the products and services of the future. Ben never starts with technology, as in his own words, “Technology is often the easy part”. He begins by focusing on the emotion at the core of the problem and the emotion a solution should evoke. But always, at the heart of everything we do from here onwards, Ben believes that data and algorithms will be where the battle will be won. He’s been lucky to be involved in so many of AKQA’s industry-defining pieces of work. Key examples include:

Nike+ Training Club: personal training, once for the elite is democratized for tens of millions.

Fiat ECO-Drive: the world’s first connected car, helping millions around the globe drive more economically.

Nike Rise – House of Mamba: the world’s first digital basketball court.

Dyson Robotic Vacuum cleaner: the world’s first 360-degree camera-based robotic vacuum cleaner.

AudiUSA: the most intelligent automotive website, driven by 27 algorithms, provides constant relevance through ultra-precision and targeting. As an industry pioneer, Ben’s expertise is called upon by respected organizations around the world. Most recently, he’s served as a judge for the British Arrows and the 2015 Cannes Lions Innovation Jury. He is a regular speaker at conferences including the Cannes Lions and SXSW and contributes monthly columns to various leading publications.

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