Ashik Nazeer’s illustration of his lockdown life are our lives also

And what more, we are dealing with the same characters

We have entered the third month of the lockdown. Looking back (or ahead), everything is a blur. Weekends have merged into weekdays, office into home, calendar has become redundant, and so have our best clothes, shoes and accessories. Now, our lives are bed, all things kitchen (with piles of unwashed dishes), mop and broom, wifi connection, and yes, couch. So when Bangalore-based designer Ashik Nazeer illustrated his lockdown stories, the lead characters were a bed-turned-workstation, struggles with baking but success with omelettes, a basin turned salon, his girlfriend’s out-of-job lipsticks and yes, couch—pretty much summarising all our lives in the lockdown. Some illustrations have an eerie element lurking in them, like a poster for horror movie, which also in some ways underlines our lives in the lockdown.

“Working from home while maintaining social distancing (with my girl friend too). Existing on the bed with laptop all day is fun too.
P.S. Sometimes I move out of bed to make coffee for my girl friend.”


“This illustration depicts my epic baking fail. It feels like a nightmare to think about baking again.
P.S. Hate lizards too and hate more about the fact its only found in kitchen.”


“I can make good omelettes. (I can only make omelettes.)
Also we cannot ignore the fact that eggs are the saviour for many people who cannot cook during this quarantine.”


“I turned my washroom into salon which doesn’t require me to visit salon for 6 months at least.
Shaved my head basically. 
P.S. I look really bad”
“My girlfriend’s lipsticks took a long break during the lockdown. Here the lipsticks are in pause button.
P.S. Both the lipsticks are different colours.”




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