As part of Adobe Creative Residency, Shruti Singh’s artwork focuses on endangered animals

Last year, in April 2020, Adobe, the tech giant that is now the name for the most popular and advanced design/creative software, started a Creative Residency Community Fund worth $1 million to support projects by designers and artists, and also hire them for Adobe-commissioned projects. One of the recipients of the Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund was graphic designer and illustrator Shruti Singh. She was commissioned to create an original artwork in her style in Adobe’s Illustrator for the iPad, Adobe Illustrator especially designed for iPad. “The residency also included some power-packed workshops from the industry professionals, webinars and many other helpful resources and creative bootcamps. The Adobe team and the community were extremely friendly and helpful throughout the residency tenure and even later,” Shruti states.  The brief of the commissioned project was to stay true to art/design style and and create something unique using Illustrator for the iPad.

Responding to the brief, Shruti created an artwork depicting four endangered animals—Black Rhino, Amur Leopard, Borneon Orangutan and Sunda Tiger. Throughout the process, Shruti was documenting her experience and sharing with the Adobe team, who kept noting her feedback. “My favorite feature/ tool so far in Illustrator is the pencil tool. It is so user-friendly that you can actually use it directly for doodling as well. The best part about the pencil is also that you can adjust the smoothness according to your liking between 0-10, that really helps while creating intricate designs,” she added. The artwork is titled Extinge.


First draft of Extinge
Initial sketches
Digitizing using Adobe Illustrator for iPad
In process
The final artwork, Extinge on Illustrator on iPad


See more work by Shruti Singh here.

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