Artists Crusaders — Victoria Pratt, Invisible Flock

Digital technology redefines interactive art and human-wildlife intimacy

Invisible Flock is a London-based studio that has been creating new media art for a decade now, and Victoria Pratt is the creative director at the studio. Pratt presented her studio’s work at the Eye Myth Media Arts Festival 2019 in Mumbai. Over the years, the studio’s practice has moved towards creating powerful climate and eco art, using technology. Artists, Pratt said, are used to taking an incredibly complex theme and data and making it accessible to people, succinctly describing the studio’s approach.

Though, the core of their practice, including the climate and eco art, is driven by people. “Climate change is not an environment problem. Climate change is a people problem. Something has gone wrong in our psyches that we are harming our planet,” she says. With the government’s support and funding, Invisible Flock is able undertake projects which demand resources, thorough planning, and a robust strategy.

Here, Pratt talks about the studio’s journey, the changing perception of new media art in the UK, and on working with scientists and researchers.

Eye Myth Media Arts Festival 2019 is organised by Quicksand studio and UnBox Cultural Futures Society.


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