Ar. Veeram Shah

Architect, Designer & Founder, Design Ni Dukaan

Catch Veeram Shah live at #KDY on 17 March at 3:00 PM IST. Register now for his talk, if you haven’t already.

Veeram Shah grew up in Navsari, a small Parsi town in south Gujarat, which acts as a weekend office for the studio. His father being an avid collector and restorer of antiques, he grew up exposed to Indian antique furniture. He finished his bachelor’s in architecture in Pune. His sensitivity to design comes from his various travels to quaint old Indian Towns, where architecture is not born out of rational thought, but rather out of social context and cultural needs. Ar introduced him to the nuances of the art, architecture, work ethics and philosophy during college. Girish Doshi. In the current context, where architecture offices are being run as corporate houses, Veeram believes in a concise and intimate office, where discussions and interactions become more meaningful and stimulating, regardless of the the scale of the project. Veeram perceives design as fragments of collective experiences and observations from the mundane to the profound. His influences are never constant but unbiased, ranging from Gandhi, Raza, and Kumar Gandharva to modernists such as Le Corbusier and Scarpa. Veeram has been heading Design ni Dukaan for the past seven years taking projects of various scales from architecture and interiors to furniture. He is also a co-founder of another company named P.O.D. P.O.D. (Pieces of Desire) is an artisan-based design studio exploring a seamless transition between art and functional objects with a conscious attempt to promote locally made products.

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