Advice for young designers from the speakers at Kyoorius Designyatra 2020.

The speakers at KDY20 gave lots of valuable advice through their talks and shared some great lessons that they have learnt over the years while working in the industry. Brand strategist and designer Naomi White, artist and illustrator Anastasia Beltyukova, Natwerk’s founder and street artist Frank de Ruwe, industrial designer Karim Rashid, Grand Panjandrum Michael Wolff, and graphic designer and painter Paula Scher share some advice for young designers. 

White reminds that sometimes you will have to take up work that pays the bills, Frank emphasises on the importance of doing stuff you like in order to stay happy. Rashid says that as a designer you must look at things from a human perspective and not a sales perspective. Wolff gives a reality check to designers by saying that as a designer your main job is to change things. Scher advises to take up work in territories where expectations are low. 


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