Sri Rama Murthy (Murthovic)

Sound Designer, Music Producer & DJ

Catch Sri Rama Murthy aka Murthovic live at #KDY on 16 March at 4:00 PM IST. Register now for his talk, if you haven’t already.

A forward-thinking visionary, innovative educator and purveyor of dance music for over two decades – not many people could fit that description except for the one and only Murthovic. If someday in the future, someone were to study the evolution of music in Hyderabad and look for its chief influencers, it would be his name that would come up again and again. The multi-talented Murthy’s abiding passion has seen him conceive his own celebrated brand of music – a variant of house, techno and bass with influences from his upbringing of hip hop, soul, funk, disco reggae and early 90s crossover electronica music. Yet that’s not even his superpower, which lies in his dedication to all variants of his craft and his work as an author, composer, sound designer and creator. Apart from perfecting crossover forms of electronic music as a DJ in clubs and festivals, he is also a cutting edge producer and radio host for Pioneer India’s monthly radio show where he plays a unique mix of IDM /dub/electronica and indie music. With his new single release, on Get Physical & a concept/electronic album in the pipeline, the brooding Murthovic is currently working on fresh music for his live shows. Upgrading his portfolio from designing ads and video games, his most notable work in recent times has been a groundbreaking blend of Carnatic and electronic music for the score of the theatrical, multi-sensory video game opera –Antariksha Sanchar. Along with appearances at top clubs and festivals at home in India including VH1 Supersonic, Echoes Of Earth, Satellite Beachside, Sula Fest and NH7 Weekender; his travels have taken him to Italy, Germany, Bangkok and Nepal where he’s performed to packed audiences. Murthovic has also opened and played alongside some of his more famous global peers including Recondite, Apparat, Stellar Om Source, Dusky, Benjamin Damage, Rampue, Parra For Cuva, TiestoandInfected Mushroom. Murthy’s tryst with music goes beyond the console and as he continues to evolve, the year ahead is looking better than ever!

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