Pablo Stanley

Co-founder & CEO, Bueno

Catch Pablo Stanley live at #KDY on 17 March at 2:00 PM IST. Register now for his talk, if you haven’t already.

Pablo Stanley is a passion-driven artist, co-founder, and CEO of Bueno, creator of iconic NFT collections, and one of the most influential forces in the illustration world. He’s behind open-source illustrations used by millions of people worldwide like Humaaans, Open Peeps, Avataaars, Open Doodles, Buttts, and Bottts. His life purpose is to fill the world with doodles. This dream has led him to develop two ambitious projects: a children’s animated show with TIME Studios and Bueno, a no-code platform for NFT artists. Through his evolution as a designer, entrepreneur, and artist, Pablo has found ways to empower other creators by sharing his process with tutorials on his youtube channel, Sketch Together, and by giving talks, workshops, and conferences worldwide. In his free time, he sketches silly comics. He has been inspiring a whole generation of creators through these mediums of expression. Pablo believes that art and storytelling are the mightiest weapons. With Humankind, his very last project, he strives to support artistic and passionate souls to live from what they do best: creating and sharing their talent with humanity.

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