Dhairya Dand

Founder, ODD Industries

Catch Dhairya Dand live at #KDY on 16 March at 5:00 PM IST. Register now for his talk, if you haven’t already.

Dhairya Dand FRSA is an award-winning futurist, inventor and designer who runs ODD Industries a futurist factory+lab in NYC. His work investigates the human body as a medium for computation, new materials as a tool to embody interactions and design as a vehicle for mindfulness. Past inventions include several Amazon Alexa devices, bio-reactive architecture, elastic computer screens, shape-changing gadgets, shoes that tickle and guide, alcohol-aware ice cubes, synthetic muscles, programmable hair, emotionally intelligent flowers, sensory apparatus for music learning and educational toys from eWaste, optically invisible fibre- optics among others. Recent exhibitions at the V&A, Tokyo Design Week, MIT Museum, recognized twice in the Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ list in the ‘Design’ and ‘Manufacturing and Industry’ category, WIRED Innovation Fellow, INK Fellow, FoST Fellow, Globe’s ‘Top 25 Innovators’ list among others. An advisory board of the XPRIZE Foundation, and a member of the W3C standards committee. Previously a futurist at Amazon’s Concept Lab, a researcher at MIT Media Lab, a research designer in Singapore, a sensory researcher in Bombay, and born in Nasik. MIT alumnus.

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