Design & More with Pushpanjali Banerji—On alcohol and designing for women

A few months ago the Indian government relaxed the lockdown and opened the liquor shops in the midst of a pandemic. musing images of thousands of men beelining alcohol shops in their masks started emerging on social media platforms. But it was an image of a handful women waiting at the alcohol shop got the most attention. Film director and producer Ram Gopal Varma Tweeted: “Look who’s in line at the wine shops.. So much for protecting women against drunk men.” Now we know that RGV has (un)made his name for extremely sexist and discriminating commentary, but read the replies (or just be half-conscious in the society) and you get the drift. Like everything else in a woman’s life, consuming alcohol is a tricky choice, one that adds weighted questions about morality and character.

So, how do the alcohol industry and alcohol-beverage brands look at women? Do women even feature in their plan? We talked to an industry insider, Pushpanjali Banerji, brand director of Kyndal Group, an alcobev company and founder and creative director of Taali Media, an all women design studio that has worked extensively for the alcobev industry. Pushpanjali has been studying alcohol consumers and their drinking behaviours all over the country, visiting shady waterholes and observing men and women. In this interview, we talk to Pushpanjali about alcohol and designing for women. Watch the interview here:


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