Thijs Biersteker
Digital Artist
Thijs Biersteker
Dutch artist and innovator Thijs Biersteker creates interactive art installations which explore the the growing gaps between humanity, technology, reality and virtual reality. He envisions a woven world where we, technology and nature are at balance. His installations are Techno poetic experiences that push the boundaries between science and magic, interactivity and wonderment to provoke a reaction on pressing issues in today’s rapidly changing world. His worldwide awarded and published work gives an experience to the viewer that is accessible both intellectually and technologically. Thijs is current Artist in residence at the Technical University of Delft, winner of the Lumen art price 2017, His installation works where featured in the Mu Gallery, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, SXSW, Down the Rabbit hole festival and Today art museum in Beijing. He has spoken on the Next web and sxsw, has been featured by discovery Channel, appeared in Wired Magazine, New Scientist, Fast company, the Guardian Designboom, PSFK and many more.

Anita Kunz

Illustrator, Artist and Educator, Anita Kunz

Anita Kunz

Illustrator, Artist and Educator, Anita Kunz

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Thijs Biersteker

Digital Artist, Thijs Biersteker

Yah-Leng Yu

Creative Director/Principal, Foreign Policy Design Group

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Creative Director, Espadaysantacruz Studio S.L.

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