Donald Beekman
Co-Founder & Host
Type Radio

Donald Beekman, born and raised in Amsterdam, studied graphic and audiovisual design at the Rietveld Art Academy from 1979 to 1984 and then started his own graphic design and music studio called [DBXL].

Typeradio is a Micro FM broadcast, a MP3 internet radio stream and a podcast station. Broadcasting questions, answers, performances, events and talks online and onstage. Typeradio was initiated in 2004 DBXL, LoveLiza and Underware. Since then the team keeps growing to include performance artists of all kinds, designers & programmers, supporters, organisers & listeners.

Donald has designing logos, record and CD sleeves, flyers, posters, magazines and packagings for clients mostly in the music and entertainment business, ever since. Most of his fonts emanate from logos that he designed. He also composes and produces music himself, with his band Backbone Soundsystem, and runs the underground record label Illy Noiz.

Johnny Vulkan

Founding Partner, Anomaly

Adrian Shaugnessy

Graphic Designer & Writer, ShaughnessyWorks

Donald Beekman

Co-Founder & Host, Type Radio

Eva Rucki

Co-Founder, Troika

Irma Boom

Graphic Designer, Irma Boom Office

Mark Chalmers

Group Partner, Perfect Fools

Novi Rahman

UX Designer, Young Blood

Peter Higgins

Owner & Creative Director, Land Design Studio

Richard Holman

Founder and Executive Creative Director, Devilfish

Sandeep Khosla

Principal Architect & Founder Director, Khosla Associates

Tania Singh Khosla

Founder & Design Director, tsk Design

Conny Freyer

Co-Founder, Troika

Liza Enebeis

Co Founder & Host, Type Radio


Michael Johnson

Founder, Johnson Banks