2007, Goa India

Sep 06 - Sep 08

The theme for Kyoorius Designyatra 2007 was "Design Empowers Businesses." Thomas J. Watson, Jr., the CEO who was responsible for introducing electronic computers into IBM's business direction and one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of the 20 karateclasseslosangeles.com training, once famously declared, "Good design is good business." The theme for Kyoorius Designyatra 2007 was inspired by Watson's statement. Designyatra is one of the foremost international design conferences, drawing together creative minds from all over the world. Through events, regular publications and other initiatives, Kyoorius is committed to galvanising the Indian creative community and inspiring India’s next creative generation.

Aporva Baxi

Co-founder & Executive Creative Director, DixonBaxi

Cary Murnion

Co-principal, Honest

David Kester

CEO, Design Council

Harry Pearce

Partner, Pentagram

Itu Chaudhuri

Founder, Itu Chaudhuri Design

Kyle Cooper

Founder, Prologue Films

Michael Johnson

Founder, johnsonbanks design ltd

Neville Brody

Founder, Research Studios

Piyush Pandey

Executive Chairman & National Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather

Simon Dixon

Co-founder & Executive Creative Director, DixonBaxi

Simon Sankaraya

Director, AllofUs

Stefan Sagmeister

Co-Founder, Sagmeister Inc

Trevor Sowood

Technical Customer Services Team Manager, Arjo Wiggins

Wally Olins

Owner, Saffron Brand Consultants